Duvet - Anti-Dust Mite- 100 x 35
ART. 207000, EAN 5420010635163


Give your baby the very best with our "Baby Bed Duvet - 135 x 100 cm - 300gr/m²". This duvet is not only soft and comfortable but also treated against dust mites, contributing to a healthy sleep environment for your little one.

With its impressive fill weight of 300 grams per square meter, this duvet offers the perfect warmth and breathability for babies. Thanks to its long-lasting volume retention and excellent heat distribution, you can provide your baby with peaceful nights, no matter the season.

This duvet has a higher insulation value and remains resilient, preserving its fluffy and cozy character night after night. Create a comfortable sleep environment for your baby and pamper them with the comfort of our "Baby Bed Duvet - 135 x 100 cm - 300gr/m²."

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Width: 135 cm Height: 3 cm Length: 100 cm

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