Diaper Champ Regular - 56 cm - Silver
ART. 574011 R, EAN 8715834040116


The "Diaper Champ Regular" is the perfect solution for discreetly and hygienically managing diaper odors. This diaper pail is designed to use regular trash bags, which means you don't need expensive refill cassettes. Not only does it save you money, but it's also more environmentally friendly.

The "Diaper Champ Regular" has a capacity for approximately 30 diapers and uses 50-liter trash bags, which means you'll need to empty it less frequently. The material is durable, with a PVC construction and a sealing ring in TPE, ensuring an odor-free environment in the nursery.

With dimensions of 40 x 28 x 56H, this diaper pail is compact enough to fit in most spaces and is an essential addition to your baby gear. Keep the air fresh and enjoy an odor-free environment with the "Diaper Champ Regular."

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Width: 40 cm Height: 56 cm Length: 28 cm

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