Box Cubic Clay
ART. 010246001, EAN 5414375186637


Discover the Park Cubic, a space where your little one's world begins to flourish. Crafted with care using carefully selected MDF and beechwood, this park proudly complies with the EN 12227-2010 standard. A mattress the recommended size of 93 x 4/9 x 72 cm provides a comfortable resting place for your baby.

The bottom of the Park Cubic is adjustable to three different heights (19 cm, 35 cm, and 48 cm), allowing it to grow alongside your little one's development. This park is designed to offer a safe and stimulating environment where your baby can play, explore, and rest.

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Width: 97 cm Height: 80 cm Length: 78 cm

The playpen is intended for children with a body weight no more than 15 kg or till 24 months old. Manufactured according to the European standard EN 12227:2010

Frame: MDF lacquered with nitrocellulose base Bars: solid beech lacquered with nitrocellulose base Bottom: MDF, edges lacquered with nitrocellulose base

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