Adapter Kinderwagen Vogue & Avenue - Maxi-Cosi & Quax
ART. 51-508-ADPT MC, EAN 5414375167216


With our convenient adapters, you can easily transform your Vogue or Avenue stroller, making it compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Quax Group 0 car seats. These adapters provide the flexibility and ease that parents need when on the go with their little one.

Installation is straightforward and secure, allowing you to swiftly and securely attach your car seat. Whether you choose Maxi-Cosi or Quax Group 0 car seats, these adapters offer a robust and dependable connection, ensuring your child's safe and comfortable travel.

Thanks to these adapters, you can embark on your journeys without a hitch. Simply affix your car seat to the stroller, and you're all set. Enjoy the convenience of the 'Adapters for Vogue & Avenue Strollers - Maxi-Cosi & Quax' and make your outings with your little one even more enjoyable.

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