Travel Cot with Zipper - 120 x 60 cm - Dark Grey
ART. 303300 02, EAN 5414375155848


Discover the versatile "Travel Cot with Zipper - 120 x 60 cm" by Quax. This sturdy folding bed is made of high-quality metal and PE net material, ensuring durability and comfort.

What truly sets this travel bed apart is the zipper at the foot end. With it, you can easily transform the bed into a fun little house for your toddler. Not only does this provide your child with a safe sleeping environment, but also a play space where they can let their imagination run wild.

This travel bed is perfect for both home and on-the-go use. It folds easily for storage, making it ideal for vacations or overnight stays with family and friends. With a mattress size of 120 x 60 cm, this bed provides ample space for your little one to rest and sleep comfortably.

Choose the "Travel Cot with Zipper - 120 x 60 cm" and enjoy the flexibility and functionality it offers.

dark grey
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Width: 60 cm Height: 74 cm Length: 120 cm

Metal & Mesh of Polyester

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