My first Montessori - Box
ART. 76EGA302-01, EAN 5414375197022


Discover the magic of learning and play with the "My First Montessori - Box" from the Quax MonteWood Toys Collection. This wooden box is inspired by Montessori principles and offers an engaging experience for young explorers.

With an opening at the top and at the front, this box is designed to allow a ball to roll through, enabling children to develop their motor skills and coordination while marveling at the fascinating journey of the ball. The game encourages curiosity and problem-solving, fostering an active and engaged learning experience.

The "My First Montessori - Box" is not only an educational tool but also a beautiful piece of interior decor that seamlessly fits into your space. Bring together beauty and purpose in a single box and let your little one enjoy learning through play.

With the MonteWood Toys collection, you combine the best of education and sustainability in an enchanting collection that will capture the hearts of both children and parents.

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