Mattress Protector - Ergosafe - 170 x 70 cm
ART. 201000-EGS, EAN 5414375197428


The "Mattress Protector - Ergosafe - 170 x 70 cm" is the perfect addition to your mattress to create a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment. Specially designed for mattresses of 170 x 70 cm, this mattress protector is ideal for beds transformed using our Junior Kit, allowing you to effortlessly convert your 140 x 70 bed into a larger 170 x 70 bed. While separate mattress pieces are also available to extend your 140 x 70 bed (ref. 2010002-ZIP), this 170 x 70 option provides a new mattress for parents preferring a fully new solution.

With its perfect fit and high-quality, this mattress protector ensures a good night's sleep for your little one. Additionally, the mattress protector is machine washable at 60 degrees, making it easy to maintain hygiene. Its breathable properties contribute to a fresh and comfortable sleep experience. This protector is also compatible with Yume mattresses. Choose the Mattress Protector - Ergosafe - 170 x 70 cm and give your child the best for a good night's sleep.

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Width: 60 cm Height: 11 cm Length: 120 cm

The "Mattress Protector - Ergosafe - 170 x 70 cm" is also designed with your child's safety in mind. Its breathability ensures adequate air circulation for a fresh and comfortable sleep, while its sturdy construction ensures safe use. Choose this mattress protector to provide your child with the best in comfort and safety for peaceful nights of sleep.

La "Protection de Matelas - Ergosafe - 170 x 70 cm" est également conçue avec la sécurité de votre enfant à l'esprit. Sa perméabilité à l'air assure une circulation d'air adéquate pour un sommeil frais et confortable, tandis que sa fabrication robuste garantit une utilisation en toute sécurité. Optez pour cette protection de matelas pour offrir à votre enfant le meilleur en matière de confort et de sécurité pour des nuits de sommeil paisibles.