Mattress Protector - 120 x 60 cm
ART. 201000-HLK, EAN 5414375195684


The "Mattress Protector - 120 x 60 cm" is an essential addition to the baby's nursery, specially designed for mattresses measuring 120 x 60 cm used in cribs of the same size. This mattress protector is not only crucial for maintaining a comfortable and reassuring sleep environment for your little one but also provides a touch of peace of mind for parents.

With its perfect fit and a density of 20 kg/m³, this mattress protector not only offers protection but also provides the right support for your baby's growing needs during sleep. Give your baby the best start for a good night's sleep with the "Mattress Protector - 120 x 60 cm".

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Width: 60 cm Height: 11 cm Length: 120 cm

Rest assured knowing that the "Mattress Protector - 120 x 60 cm" is designed with your baby's safety in mind. The mattress protector is certified to meet safety standards and is free from harmful chemicals, providing a secure and worry-free sleeping experience for your baby. With its snug fit and breathable design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the "Mattress Protector - 120 x 60 cm" ensures durability and comfort for your baby's sleep environment. The removable cover, made with a blend of 75% cotton and 25% polyester, is machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius for easy maintenance, providing a clean and hygienic sleeping space for your little one.

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