Mattress - Playpen Aline - 92 x 9 x 68.5 cm
ART. 209000A, EAN 5420037802012


With the "Matras - Playpen Aline - 92 x 9 x 68.5 cm," you provide the Park Aline with a comfortable and custom-made sleeping surface for your little one. This box mattress, with a thickness of 9 cm, is made of polyether foam with a density of 20 kg/m³, ensuring an optimal combination of comfort and support.

The mattress comes with a fixed cover without piping and features an elegant damask pattern, which not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a visually appealing feature to the park.

Safety is our top priority, which is why this mattress is treated against dust mites, creating a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment for your baby.

Give your baby the best with the "Matras - Playpen Aline - 92 x 9 x 68.5 cm" and enjoy the quality and comfort that this custom-made mattress provides for the Playpen Aline.

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Width: 92 cm Height: 9 cm Length: 68.5 cm


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