Cradle side-by-side - Cream
ART. 010162-11, EAN 5414375196599


The Side by Side Bouclé crib is like a blessing during those first months with your newborn. Place the crib close to your own bed and leave one side open so that you can easily feed, comfort, and enjoy the presence of your precious little one. They are safe in their own crib, yet close to you, and the soft bouclé covering adds an extra dose of coziness.

This crib is exceptionally versatile and adaptable. You can adjust the height and easily attach it to your own bed. If reflux is a challenge for your baby, that's not a problem, as you can easily raise one side for added comfort. Moreover, this crib comes equipped with wheels, allowing you to move it effortlessly. The crib comes with an included mattress (50x84 cm). When the time is right to have the crib stand on its own, you can easily close the open side with a zipper.

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Width: 95 cm Height: 86 cm Length: 73 cm

This crib complies with strict safety standards as outlined in the EN 1130 standard. Additionally, this crib is cleverly designed to assist with reflux issues. You can easily adjust the head end one position higher than the foot end, for example, from position 1 to 2, or from 2 to 3, and so on. The key is to maintain an incline of no more than 10 degrees, ensuring your baby can sleep comfortably and safely.

Material: Aluminum, polyurethane foam and polyester The upholstery is removable and washable. This action may only be performed by adults Mattress included: 50x84 cm

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